Richard Smith



Richard Smith studied as an astrophysicist before working in Information Technology, following which he served with the Royal Marines Reserve and Special Boat Service. He has always been a passionate outdoors man, at his happiest sea kayaking off the west coast of Scotland, or trekking and climbing the peaks of the Scottish Highlands. He has climbed, trekked or kayaked in Alaska, Greenland, Nepal, the French Alps, and explored the jungles of Belize and the deserts of Oman.

As guide for The Polar Academy, Richard thrives on being in the Arctic. His most recent adventure was in the Canadian Arctic, retracing the steps of Scotland’s most accomplished 19th century explorer, John Rae, on the journey where he discovered the missing link in the North West Passage, thus enabling the final mapping of the complete passage.



“2021 was my first year guiding for The Polar Academy and I was blown away by the transformation of the young people involved. Seeing them grow into confident, capable, ambitious individuals with superb (and often wicked !) sense of humours, it was very rewarding to see how these young teenagers have been inspired by their experience and continue to inspire others as they move into further education or career paths of their own.”

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