Going Beyond

Three Arctic Minds. Two intrepid explorers. One inspired novice. Invested in facing the challenges that lay ahead.

An expedition undertaken through the remote and remarkable ice landscape of the High Arctic. 


An expedition where novice explorer, Claire Kinloch, embodied the company values of being invested, intrepid and inspiring.

Facing a wind chill of -50 degrees and the native wildlife of Nunavut, the team faced uncertainty, exposed themselves to strategy in its purest form, and found clarity from stepping into the unknown.

Meet the Arctic Minds

Claire Kinloch

CEO / Novice Explorer

Craig Mathieson

Founder, The Polar Academy

Mark Wood

Extreme explorer

Devon Manik

Dogsledder and hunter

Going Beyond: The Journey

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Genoa Black

Last year Claire was introduced to Craig Mathieson, Founder of The Polar Academy and Mark Wood, Explorer who launched Solo 100.

Inspired by both men’s respective causes, she put herself in the hands of these two highly experienced polar explorers, as the novice rather than the expert. This challenge saw Claire living the company values of being invested, intrepid and inspiring, personifying how the team look to “go beyond” every day at Genoa Black.

This journey has raised awareness of the incredible work both The Polar Academy and Solo 100 do, and I hope it has also inspired my team and others to 'go beyond' in their own individual way.

- Claire Kinloch, CEO

The Polar Academy

The Polar Academy was founded by Craig Mathieson, Explorer In Residence at the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and committee member of The Explorers’ Club Great Britain & Ireland Chapter.

Craig is passionate about inspiring the next generation of leaders and explorers, using his own experience of ‘inspiration through exploration’ to do so.

Find out more about The Polar Academy.

Support The Polar Academy’s work by visiting its Just Giving page.

Genoa Black is committed to supporting The Polar Academy this year. Bringing our ethos of 'inspiration through exploration' to life, Claire’s role as Ambassador began with this expedition, which has helped raise awareness of the work we do with young ‘invisible’ teenagers.

- Craig Mathieson, Founder

Solo 100



SOLO 100 is Mark Wood’s latest expedition. He is going to venture solo, unaided and unsupported across the vast wilderness of the High Arctic for 100 consecutive days to drive awareness of the effects of climate change.

This expedition will see him trek across finite stretches of the planet’s last remaining sea ice, recording and demonstrating the realities of climate change first hand. As part of this world record attempt, Mark is working with The Scouts to develop 100 films, from 100 groups of young people around the world, talking about how the climate crisis is affecting them and their communities.

Find out more about Solo 100.

The Arctic Minds expedition has been a stepping stone leading to my 100 days solo journey across the Arctic wilderness. It also raised awareness of Solo 100, my attempt to inspire young people around the world to have a voice on climate action.

- Mark Wood, Extreme Explorer