Our Experts

Our strategic consultants work hard to make a meaningful difference to our clients. Expect them to speak honestly at all times, fighting for what they believe is right for you. They will challenge you like no one else.


Claire Kinloch

Senior Partner

Board Director

Alan Kinloch

Senior Partner

Board Director

Gaynor Duthie

Managing Partner

Board Director


Tim Stokes

International Strategy Director


Sara Macauley

Strategy Director, Americas


Nikola Serafimovski

Senior Strategist, EMEA

Skopje, Macedonia

Nigel Jenkins

Senior Strategist



Emma Marriott

Senior Strategist

Neil Davidson

Senior Strategist

Angus Denholm-Hay

Senior Strategist

Research and Planning

Thomas Barton

Researcher & Strategic Planner

Erwin Baragula

Junior Researcher & Strategic Planner

Sylwia Paterson

International Projects Manager

Barbara Taylor

Marketing & Brand Manager

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We demand a lot, but we do everything we can to keep our people safe and provide them with opportunities to progress within the business. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us with your CV, at any time.


As a partner

If we need specialists to help realise our thinking or tackle client challenges, we tap into our global network of trusted partners. If you think you can add to our partner pool, please contact us.