AutoRek are a community of data management specialists who lead the world in developing compliance, validity and control solutions for complex data sets.

Their people are renowned for their expertise. Known globally for having a subject matter knowledge that is unrivalled, they are considered the experts in complex data management. Something affirmed by their partnership with The Bank of England, the world’s most famous and influential bank. The best only work with the best. Using their expertise, their team consult customers and develop reporting and reconciliation solutions for complex data sets, which help firms overcome spreadsheet intensive processes, and secure data control, validity and compliance.

AutoRek has been at the forefront of complex data management in the UK since 1994. After sustained and substantial growth within the UK, a decision was taken to enter the United States of America.


After sustained success in the United Kingdom the team at AutoRek had carefully considered new market growth in North America. In collaborating with Genoa Strategy, the team at AutoRek asked the question to “how can we improve lead generation, brand recognition and sales acceleration in the US market?”. That is where our team of strategic consultants stepped in.

Our team set about doing an audit of AutoRek’s US market opportunities. We conducted an intensive research phase involving internal and external stakeholder interviews, desk research into the competitor landscape and industry trends and a full review of the existing market entry model. In addition to this we also carried out a market entry review workshop with AutoRek’s senior team.


At the end of the robust audit a number of key blockers and enablers within the US market entry approach where identified. This gap analysis gave the AutoRek senior team clear recommendations they needed to consider moving forwards, in order to increase and accelerate market entry success.

Against the backdrop of a highly competitive marketplace offering similar services to the same key audiences, one blocker was the absence of a clear and differentiated brand offering. Now viewed as a trusted partner, our team have been engaged to work further with AutoRek to rectify this and create a clear and compelling brand for the US market.


“The Genoa Strategy team collaborated with AutoRek to provide valuable insights into future market growth for the business.”

- Lyn Canavan, Head of Marketing

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