Danfoss Power Solutions, part of Denmark’s Danfoss Group, believes in digitalisation as one of the most important tools for enabling the transition towards a low-carbon society and improving energy efficiency across off-highway and industrial applications. While there have been recent changes and improvements in mobile hydraulic technology, a lot has stayed the same. Take the advances in electrohydraulics for example; essentially a layering of electronic controls over pumps and motors still using basic designs that in some cases date back more than 100 years.

To keep ahead of the curve, Danfoss have developed a unique, game-changing technology that can save 40 million tons of CO2 emissions through this technology – the equivalent of the annual energy use of 4.6 million homes. It is launching its Digital Displacement® pump – which radically improves productivity, efficiency and control. With the added bonus of reducing fuel consumption and significantly reducing CO2 emissions in the process.


But how do you transform the hearts and minds of an audience who are comfortable with incumbent products that have worked for many years? How do you get stakeholders to make a purchase based on the promise of a better tomorrow versus a successful today?  What makes them accept that this new generation of Digital Displacement® pumps are revolutionising the market, delivering greater efficiency and improved productivity unlike any product before it? Oh, and how do you do this through a global pandemic?

Just some of the challenges they asked us to help solve.


Whether it is zero emissions or lower emissions, the unique aspect of Digital Displacement is that it allows for much lower energy use.  And it doesn’t matter if the energy source is fossil fuel or a battery. So, the technology is future-proof, and Danfoss needed a strategy which articulated this new direction.

Engage the stakeholders.

Educate the stakeholders.

Stakeholders adopt and use.

Our close working partnership with Danfoss allowed our strategy experts recommend this simple 3-step strategy for Danfoss, as it developed its new progressive offering to the market.

"This is not just an incremental improvement. It is truly the next chapter in hydraulics. It is digital hydraulics for the digital age. It is going to be a very creative phase for the whole industry as we learn how to apply the technology to solve a myriad of problems that customers have had in the past. We needed a partner that understood the complexity of the product and its benefits, and offered clarity on communicating both to key stakeholders and customers."

- Craig Grant, Sales Development Manager - EMEA

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