Wärtsilä Voyage is the catalyst for the digitalisation of the maritime world. For the benefit of the planet and the marine industry it wants to create ever more digitally intelligent voyages, where an infrastructure of digitalised portsand vessels work together to create safer, cleaner and more efficient voyages. Through digital intelligence it is protecting our world and improving the performance of the marine industry.  


The Wärtsilä business has operations in over 200 locations across 70 countries around the world, and with net sales of EUR 4.6 billion in 2020 it is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.  It consists of multiple business units and following a period of aggressive acquisition activity, a new unit called Wärtsilä Voyage was created. It is well positioned to become a global leader, creating a digitally intelligent marine ecosystem where efficiency, safety and decarbonisation spreads through every aspect of its operations. 


This portfolio expansion for the Wärtsilä business can deliver improved financial performance for the group, but only if it is aligned to a broader new business plan inclusive of effective positioning and marketing strategies.  

You can’t create a new portfolio of services and expect it to deliver returns, without support from brand and promotional functions. Wärtsilä Voyage needed to establish a relevant and superior positioning and define a marketing effort that will drive engagement with their offering. To this end, the business unit approached Genoa Strategy directly to lead on its positioning and marketing strategies.  


The first task was to develop an in-depth understanding of Wärtsilä Voyage’s ambitions, so a global insights exercise ensued. ‘Champions’ in specific operational disciplines were identified including board level executives and employees.  Then, through workshops, feedback surveys and one-to-one meetings a clear vision and road map for the business was established. Based on this direction, the team created a corporate level positioning strategy. It defined what Wärtsilä Voyage needs to be perceived to be; the catalyst for the digitalisation of the maritime world. The team then built positioning strategies for each product, resulting in a clear customer value story for all areas of the portfolio. 

A clear identity was established, inclusive of a powerful corporate story and an outline of value propositions across the whole portfolio. Then the challenge was to identify how to get target accounts interested in their offerings, with the aim of driving enquiries. Firstly, to develop relevant marketing strategies, the team needed to establish new business objectives for each product area. They carried out more in-depth interviews with product area leaders and a playbook containing an agreed set of objectives for each product area was produced. Once clear new business objectives had been outlined a schedule of marketing campaigns was developed to support their achievement. The result being a series of campaigns ready to be activated.  

Across this project our strategy experts effectively supported a multi-national giant establish a new business within its portfolio and drive its commercial success. 

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