A good strategy will fail your business if it is poorly communicated

Rob Potter, Client Strategy Director at Genoa Black, discusses the need for clear communication when it comes to implementing your business strategy.

Often in business, a carefully nurtured and developed opportunity fails to achieve a successful outcome.

Of course, there are many reasons that may contribute, but a key factor is this – the team has failed to execute the business strategy correctly. A good business leader will explore the reasons behind the lack of success and really learn from them. And this brings me to the core of my hot take, it doesn’t matter how good your strategy is, it will fail your business if it is poorly communicated.

Strategy cannot be implemented if it is not clearly understood, and it cannot be understood if it is not articulated with clarity and simplicity.

Making sure your team understand and can explain the strategy succinctly is an easy way to check that everyone is on the same page.

“Plan your work and work your plan.” ~ Legendary Green Bay Packer Head Coach Vince Lombardi.

Many business owners and decision-makers believe that you must plan and execute to be successful (the bones of the quote).  Like many of his peers in the sporting world, Lombardi understood that there was a third part to this quote.  In sport, clear communication leads to more effective teams and resulting success. It is essential to have clarity on what messages need to be communicated and consider what are the most appropriate channels.

Here lies the rationale behind the hot take, organisations do not believe ‘how you communicate’ to be a source of value.

However, Lombardi, consistent with successful business leaders, built a reliable and consistent framework to communicate his strategy.  His ability to communicate value to the business, value to the team, clarity in drivers to achieve outcomes, and align resources to the outcomes brought sustained success.

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ROB'S HOT TAKE: A good strategy will always fail your business if poorly communicated.

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