Devon Manik, Musher

Dogsledder and hunter



Devon Manik grew up in Resolute, and his team of 15 sled dogs are well known in the High Arctic community of about 200 people. Tourists and other visitors to the community are often introduced to Devon for dog-sledging, with his main job working for Qikiqtaani Intuit Association (QIA), hired to hunt for the community.

When he was 16 years old, Devon would put a harness of his first dog Axel and two other dogs and see how far he could go. From there he bought two more dogs from a local sport-hunting guide and was given a Greenland sled dog by a family member.

After graduating from high school 2 years ago, Manik has decided to focus his full attention on a sled dog expedition and touring business.

Resolute Bay is not only his home, but also a place that he wants to explore and share with others.


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