Companies need to start recruiting with vision

Emma Marriott discusses why it’s important for companies to start recruiting with vision.

Following a period of adjustment for all businesses in 2020, some are rebuilding teams after making tough decisions around redundancy, furlough, salary reductions and removal of bonus/progression plans.

How and who are you going to recruit now?

Are you going to replace resource like-for-like? Is that right for your business now?  Are you linking your people plans to your strategic goal?  Is your strategy clear and do your team members and potential new recruits understand how they will contribute to the company objectives?

We all tend to enjoy clarity when we can get it and if we are rebuilding our businesses, now is the time to bring that clarity to the roles people perform. When we understand our job purpose and how that fits towards the goals of our company then we can assess our performance more effectively. As we build back, we could pause and consider where you want your business to go and what skills, attributes and attitudes will help you get there.

Will you need niche qualifications or are there specific attributes that will provide you competitive advantage?

Are your current team members in the right roles or does their job purpose need reviewed for both parties’ benefit?  Will you consider short term expertise or employees that you can develop over the longer term?  Naturally, a blend of everything would be great but the planning is key.

People are often our greatest asset and numerous firms hire for now.  They see a gap and can feel the need to fill it quickly bowing to pressure of time. The alternative is hire for the future you want.  Identify the gaps and hire in those areas now to create opportunity, succession and the business you want – and ensure your hiring managers understand that strategy.


EMMA'S HOT TAKE: Companies need to start recruiting with vision.

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